DIPOLI Congress Centre
  • Takkatuli


A setting that compliments the occasion

Dipoli is one of the premier prestigious venues in Finland for meetings, seminars, international congresses and festive events. It is in a prime location, sharing in the diverse services on offer in the capital as well as the innovative atmosphere of the scientific community of Otaniemi.

Dipoli offers over 20 different types of meeting spaces. All can be used equally comfortably to accommodate tête-à-têtes between just a few people or large gatherings of over a thousand people e.g. a big festival hall for 300-1000 persons, a spacious auditorium for 250 persons, 14 small or medium-sized meeting rooms. Our elegant lobbies and restaurants can also be transformed to take on different roles.

Green Office

Dipoli is the first congress centre in Finland in to be a Green Office –organisation. As an significant congress centre and festival hall we want to be a responsible actor in our field. Also we want to be ready to respond to our customers´ and interest groups´ needs.

Read more about Dipoli´s Green Office in practice.



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